Stories of Community

Stories of Community is a series of short films commissioned by Resilient Sustainable Future for Iowa City in partnership with FilmScene to amplify stories of community members building a sustainable and resilient future.

The first Stories of Community screening was held on Feb. 25th. We are grateful to everyone who joined us to celebrate the stories of the Wonderful Westside, South District, and Longfellow neighborhoods and for being in a joyful community with you all. We hope Fatima, Abdias, the Harveys, and the Plattes inspired you to start (or continue!) organizing in your own neighborhoods. Stay tuned for the next neighbors to be featured at FilmScene this April!

Neighbors from around Iowa City standing at the front of a FilmScene theater presenting their projects

Valentine’s Night Out

Neighbors from the Miller-Orchard neighborhood organized a fun Valentine’s Day event for kids, letting parents have a night out to themselves!

Read more and watch the video here!

Citizenship Classes

Sara Haroun organizes citizenship classes in the Wonderful Westside neighborhood.

Read more and watch the film here!

Sudanese Soccer Club

Wonderful Westside residents started a soccer club for kids in the neighborhood!

Read more and watch the film here!

Lights of Lucas Farms

Judy Nyren has been involved with the Lucas Farms neighborhood for quite a long time and has organized many events to bring the neighborhood together, including a winter lighting contest that’s been held for many years!

Read more here!

House of Horrors

Alex Rain hosts a horror house every Halloween for kids and adults in the neighborhood! They source reusable materials from around town to set up props and scary scenes.

Read more here!

Wetherby Soccer

Abdias organizes and coaches pick-up soccer games for kids in his South District neighborhood at Wetherby Park. Soccer changed his life, and he really wants to help others through soccer as well. He saw a big opportunity in his neighborhood park to make a big impact in kids’ lives.

Read more and watch the video here!

Neighbors listening to music at a front porch

Front Porch Music Festival

Some neighbors were inspired to create a free music festival right in the Longfellow neighborhood of Iowa City. It’s been running for eight years and has engendered its own community!

Read more and watch the film here!

Fatima, one of the leaders in the Wonderful Westside Neighborhood

Wonderful Westside Mural

Fatima and some of her neighbors wanted to celebrate their neighborhood. They got together and made public art and a new neighborhood association!

Read more and watch the film here!